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The Case for Christ
Sarah is showing you our very first box of The Case for Christ that God allowed us to publish in Italian.


Devotional called “Oh, You Are Just Like Your Daddy” by Michael. This is part of a series of devotionals by missionaries requested by Bella Vista Church. This is one of several written by Sherri and Michael.


Article by Michael picked up by The Gospel Coalition entitled “What’s the Primary Question for Full-Time Church Planters?”. It touches on the delicate theme of church planters in Europe who got side-tracked into other ministries instead of the planting of multiple churches.


Article by Michael for the TGC blog entitled “The Biggest Problem Facing Italian Churches”. It talks about the need for servant leadership in Italy.


Article by Michael about our publication of The Case for Christ in Italian in the BVC Voices Magazine


Article about the 2006 English Camp outreach in Montefiascone: “Making Inroads”(see page 3)


Article by Michael about using food, English and love to impact Italians: “Eating Ice Cream for Jesus”


Article by Erica (our summer intern) about her plans to join us for English Camp 2005: “Little Fellowship Loves to Witness” (see page 2)


Article by Jessica (our summer intern) about her experience with English Camp: “To The Ends of the Earth” (see page 3)


Article by Michael about Berni Balzi: “Berni’s Life Was Turned Upside Down!” (update, Berni is now one of the leaders of the Montefiascone church)

Articles in Italian


Article about our True Vine Church of Montefiascone (our first church start) sending a teenager to help with earthquake relief in Amatrice, Italy.


Article by Sara Guiati (green circle) about the Woman-To-Woman course that Sherri (red circle) launched in the church of Livorno under Sara’s care. Published in August in Il Cristiano (The Christian), one of Italy’s most read protestant magazines.


Article from an Italian newspaper about our girls winning 1st and 3rd place in the“Roncio d’Oro” national literary contest hosted in our town. The article also contains a photo of shy Elizabeth receiving her plaque.


Anna of our mother church reviews a women’s conference to which Sherri brought her and others for our church’s newsletter.


Review of our publication of The Case for Christ as heard on the radio and internet ( – pjlive on 6/30/2009). For the written version, click here

Advertisement of our evangelistic puppet shows in the official Monterosi event magazine

Advertisement of our publication of The Case for Christ in Italian

Article in the Campo De’ Fiori magazine ( about Rebecca winning a national contest for creative writing (photo of Rebecca bottom right)

Sarah’s poem and artwork in the Scarpe Cotte magazine (, earning her an invitation to read her article at a national publishers’ convention in Rome


Article in the newspaper (Corriere della Sera di Viterbo) about Rebecca winning awards for an article she wrote and for a Power Point presentation she created


Interview of our supervisee, Kevin Rees, by secular Italian magazine called “MeltingPot”


Evangelistic article by Michael about “the good guys” and “the bad guys” in Narnia and about choosing which side you are on: Featured on…#1 Protestant news site andNorthern Italian Evangelical mass e-mailing

Two evangelistic articles about Narnia by Michael as highlighted on GoogleNews:GoogleNews

Evangelistic article by Michael about the Steven Curtis Chapman song on the“Inspired by Narnia” CD: Featured on…#1 Protestant news site and popular Roman Catholic website

Evangelistic article by Michael about the music in the “Narnia soundtrack” CD: Featured on…#1 Protestant web-portal and Secular TV show’s fan site

Article by Michael explaining Christian themes in each of the 7 “Chronicles”: Featured on…Northern Italian Evangelical mass e-mailing and #1 Protestant News Site

Evangelistic article by Michael about the “secrets” in the Narnia (including the identity of Aslan): #1 Protestant News Site

Evangelistic article by Michael about Jesus, the true “King of Narnia”: Featured on…#1 or #2 Protestant booksellers site and #1 Protestant News Site

Evangelistic article by Michael explaining how to become a “Queen in Narnia”: #1 Protestant News Site



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