Church Multiplication

Many Europeans are very town-oriented and often refuse to travel to a town 5 miles away because of “civic pride.” If we’re going to touch their hearts, we have to offer them a church in their town. Thus, the way to change an entire region is through church multiplication.

Paul understood Jesus’ plan for reaching the world through church multiplication, so he didn’t leave behind isolated converts but a trail of local churches.

Congregation and guests for first baptism at the “True Vine” church started in Montefiascone

One effective way of starting new churches is to incorporate new believers like Sandro into a small group community (called a cell) in their local town. The cell naturally grows numerically as it witnesses. When growth occurs, it then multiplies into two smaller cells. As more and more cells are formed in a local area, a new church can be formed in that new area where no protestant church ever existed before.

We’ve had the privilege of multiplying cells in our local church and seeing them become autonomous churches. In 2001, the first daughter church was launched in the capital city of Viterbo. In May of 2004 we ourselves launched the small church of Montefiascone. As far as we know it is the first protestant church this town (and the surrounding towns) has ever had. Then in 2007, God granted our original church the privilege of starting yet another daughter church in the unreached town of Civita Castellana. In 2009 a fourth congregation was born in Fabrica di Roma and then, in 2012, God gave our family the privilege of launching yet another church in Bracciano together with Sandro, Sara and others.

While this is thrilling, it’s not enough to change a life or just one region. We want God to change the nation of Italy and the peoples of Europe through Church Planting Movements!