Info about the Czech Republic (a.k.a. Czechia)


The Czech Republic is a Central European, landlocked country located between Germany (west), Austria (south), Slovakia (east) and Poland (north). It is home to nearly 11 million people.

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In October of 1918, following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I, the Republic of Czechoslovakia was formed. At the end of World War II, the communist party won the elections of 1946. General discontent led to reforms until the Warsaw Pact armies invaded to squelch them. Finally, the Velvet Revolution of 1989 saw the collapse of the communist regime. 1993 saw the peaceful dissolution of the two states which made up Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic today is a high-tech, peaceful, developed country.


According to Wikipedia, “The Czech Republic has one of the least religious populations in the world.” This is not surprising given its many years under a communist regime. The 2011 census asked the Czechs to declare their faith. The results were as follows:

  • 79.4% Undeclared or non-religious
  • 10.4% Roman Catholic (not necessarily practicing; see below)
  • 0.8% Protestant (of all kinds)
  • 9.4% Other religions

Missionaries living in the Czech Republic estimate that:

  • Less than 2% of Czechs are in any sort of church on any given Sunday (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Orthodox).
  • Only 0.17% of Czechs are evangelicals

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